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General / NS Etiquette for Pub servers.
« on: May 21, 2005, 03:23:35 PM »
"Toothy" from forums has posted an amazing and informative article on NS Etiquette for Pub NS servers. Everyone should read this, becuase if you don't follow the rules, the 'pro' NS players will flame you off the server.

Check it out:


Off Topic / New Marine 'Upgrade' Proposal
« on: January 11, 2005, 10:31:25 PM »
Wouldn't it be nice as a commander to get those HMG's and HA's RIGHT NOW, instead of waiting a crucial minute and a half while Onos kill your bases and 3rd hive skulks Xeno the crap out of you? Wouldn't everyone like to have as much res as they need RIGHT NOW, and get what they want/need RIGHT NOW? And just think how much your marines will love you if they all get their choice of equipment. Well, now you can do all this and more! The Commander's Intergalactic Credit Union has approved a new upgrade for marine commanders in the field: the 'Commander's Best Friend' VISA credit card! With it, you can buy all those HA's and HMG's and not worry about paying a cent! Until of course, your marines rambo off to the nearest hive and get wasted, leaving you with no better weapons or armor, and debt up the yeist.  Forseeing this problem, the good people at Mastercard have also put out a Commander Friendly Credit Card, and with it, a commander can effortlessly swipe it in the card reader, which by the way, the new ZX1002 Command Consoles have, and pay off his VISA card. Then, with his VISA card, he can buy MORE HA/HMG!! It's like weapons and armor FOR FREE!! By now, the aliens know that they've won, but heck, the rines still think that they have resflow, and the comm thinks that he is the L337est comm ever to live. So when you hear your marines yell at you, "Hey Cornmander, drop me a shirtgun!" you'll be glad to oblige!


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