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Off Topic / need MMORPG
« on: August 07, 2005, 09:04:52 AM »
First off, please no Maple story, shattered galaxy, guild wars, dark ages, urban dead

Need a game that i can get into with my friends.  Preferably free, but buying a game doesn't sound too bad either.  Monthly fees are a definite no-no.


Off Topic / Mao II presentation
« on: June 07, 2005, 03:24:08 PM »
I have a presentation on the book Mao II by Don DeLillo.  The presentation requires that I play a song that relates to, gives the feeling of, or somehow connects to the book.  The problem is, I don't listen to much music, so I need some help on picking the song.

For those who haven't read the book: a quick synopsis/description might help in your suggestions

Six thousand five hundred couples are married at Yankee Stadium.
A Famously reclusive writer has his picture taken.
A Swiss UN worker is held hostage in beruit

Don DeLillo’s extraordinary new novel is about words and images, novelists and terrorists, the mass mind and the arch-individualist.  Haunted by the spirits of such diverse figures as Andy Warhol and Mao Zedong, it takes us from New York to Longdon to Beruit, terror’s modern republic.  At its heart is an isolated writer, Bill Gray, who escapes the failed novel he has been working on for many years and enters the world of political violence, a nightscape of Semtex explosives, and hostages locked in basement rooms.  Bill’s dangerous passage leaves two people stranded, his brilliant fixated assistant Scott and the strange clairvoyant young woman who is Scott’s lover, and Bill’s.
   “Years ago,” says Gray, “I used to think it was possible for a novelist to alter the inner life of the culture.  Now bomb-makers and gunmen have taken that territory.  They make raids on human consciousness.”
   From its first page, Mao II announces our naked exposure to a civilization gone awry.  There are crowds everywhere—crowds of brides and grooms, crowds of victims, crowds of revolutionaries, crowds keening at the death of Ayatollah Khomeini, crowds on television, crowds in the street. Yet against this onslaught of images and cataclysmic events, DeLillo also tells and intimate story about faith, longing and redemption.

Any suggestions welcome.

Off Topic / PSP dilemma
« on: April 18, 2005, 04:26:39 PM »
Oh noes.  How long has it been since i've posted on these fourms? :o!

During a conversation with my friend, the subject of PSP came up.  Anyways, after talking about it for a while heres what he suggested:

We both split the cost for a PSP value pack
->I get to keep the PSP and everything that came with it (by 'keep' i mean it stays in   my house, or in my possession)

->It being it my custody means that I am responsible for full payment of any peripherals that We or I decide to purchase (games, memory stick, etc).

->In exchange, he would come over/ I would go over to his house to play with it sometimes.  He does not "borrow" it, persay; it will always be in my possession

I was thinking of what a great deal this was.  However I want to be exactly sure, and thus want to ask some questions to clarify some terms of the agreement, however I don't know what to ask.  I, for one, cannot see anything wrong with this deal, but perhaps a fresh set of eyes would say otherwise.

A few things to note:

-> he is a very good friend of mine, and has been so for 3 years.  He in no way has ever tried to decieve me for any reason.

-> He is very "well off".  He is the same age as me, yet his parents already allow him his own car.  He has paid my other friends a large sum of money ($60 CAD/per project) to do several projects for him; he's intelligent, but lazy.

So help me out.  What could some problems be with this deal?

Off Topic / Killing The Gaming Habit
« on: September 19, 2004, 08:48:19 PM »
Well, ever since getting into high school, my dads been an absolute whore about my studies.  He worked me like a horse to get my marks up, and then breathed down my back for two years to keep them that way.  Now on the third year, i've become self sufficient, and while he doesn't breathe down my neck now, he's become an absolute nazi running his nazi camp.

"These next two years are critical in your life!".  Get a tape recorder and tape that, and then play it to yourself at random intervals 10 times a day atleast and you'll have a similar feeling to what i'm getting + whatever random bs he thinks up at the time.

Needless to say, the first to go were my gaming habits.  So basically you won't be seeing me on the server for a while.  Atleast not on weekdays.  Weekends maybe, but the next time i'm on would probably be the winter break.

I'll still be on irc to harass you guys and share hentai though.

General / How To Bite A Res Node
« on: August 17, 2004, 10:35:10 AM »
So you're muching on that RT, helping the team out. A marine comes near on the other side of the hallway, but you don't worry, you're protected by being behind the resnode. Thats what you thought until he pistolwhips you from across the hall.

There is a safe way to bite the res node:

Step 1: Pick the best angle. The best angle is the angle that is 180 degrees from where the marine is most likely to come from.

Step 2: Get in the body of the res node. That is, the main big fat part, near the top. You'll know you're in it because you can then see right through the res node. Make sure you're in the correct position then start biting now.

Step 3: While you're biting, this is the important part, Move to the left or right EXTREMELY slightly ONCE.

What does this do?

->When you position yourself at a 180 degree angle from the marine, the res node's hitbox blocks the marine's fire. This forces the marine to come VERY close in order to register any hits on you, in which case it is to your advantage.

->Even though you can crawl into it, the body of the resnode does have a hitbox, and will block bullets. Once in it, you can also see through it, giving you a visual advantage as well.

->Once in position in the body of the res node, moving slighty to the left or right causes you to turn SIDEWAYS. This allows your body to be completely covered by the res node, yet makes no difference to what you see.

You'll find yourself a bit slow getting into position at first, but once you practice, you'll be able to take down res nodes without fear of being pistoled from miles away.

Okay.  Here we have the Horseshoe node on ns_eclipse.  There is the skulk trying to kill it incorrectly.


This is an example of the '180-degree' angle bit.  The red box indicates the direction of the marine if he was coming from Maintenance Hive.  The red X indicates where you should be.  The blue box indicates the direction of the marine if he were coming from marine start.  The blue x indicates where you should be in this case.


The skulk gets up into the body.  The 'body' i was talking about is outlined in red here.  He is turned sideways for maximum coverage.  If he didn't, chances are some parts might stick out from the top or bottom, which are exposed to fire.


Heres a look at a different angle


Now lets take a look as if I were the marine, walking up trying to save the node.  You cannot see the skulk.  He is completely hidden.  In the game you could hear him bitting.  Proof that he is still there is the map in the upper right, clearly showing a skulk on that node.  There is no way to harm him from this angle


I moved closer and to the right a bit.  Now I can see him.  I try to pick him off.  The third picture is a picture from the skulks point of view.  See how he can see me very well as I try to pick him off.  




No blood.


Lets try it when i'm this close at this angle.  Here a look from the skulk POV, too.  He is VERY close.  In fact, you could go out there right now and try to kill him, but he can't hurt you from there, so its better to wait.



Still no blood.


Finally, If I shoot him from this angle, I see blood!  You can shoot him from here! But take a look at the map.  Look how close I am.  That is prime owning position for the skulk.


Thanks to Sonic for help with the screenshots.

General / The Horror
« on: August 11, 2004, 07:57:31 PM »

Off Topic / Sustained Bday~
« on: August 07, 2004, 10:07:29 AM »
Now you can drink and watch porn legally!

General / Comming On A Server Not Named Lunixmonster
« on: August 06, 2004, 10:18:40 PM »
Well.  It was friday night.  All the people who don't usually come on LM on the weekdays were on.  We're talking Seth, Fatty and a couple sperm clan (O~) members.  All of which stacked marines and gave absolutely no hope to the alien team.  What could I say?  Shun them for owning us, or bitch about skill stack?  I did neither.  I hit the disconnect button and climbed on another server to let my rage out on some of the newbies.

I climbed on the [C4] clan server.  As usual with mid-caliber pubs, no one ever wants to comm.  I reluctantly hopped in the chair to save myself from getting even MORE fustration from a nubcomm.

The game started out small.  The map before it was a large combat game (with a 30 minute time limit...geez) so all the combat whores jetted off at the sight of a classic map.

I had 3 players initially.  

1 that is about LM caliber in knowledge of the game and following orders.  He was my field commander for most of the game (he often told me to do things like upgrading the armory and stuff.  What was strange is that he did so about 10 seconds AFTER I do what he suggests.).  Since i don't remember his name, I shall name him Jimmeh.

the second was your average pubber.  He doesn't shoot great, but he gets the odd kill.  He follows orders so I couldn't care less  His name was 'X'

the third was an NSPlayer.  Literally.  That was his name.  You could absolutely tell that he was a browse game noob.  He didn't respond to text, voice, or waypoints.  He jerked off most of the game, and whored my equipment.

The game started off.  I told Jimmeh to stay in base to build, and the rest to get nodes.  None of which, of course, were followed.  Jimmeh DID build in base, and did help me out a little in terms of ordering around the scrublets (to no avail), but nothing got done.  All of them felt compelled to stay in base and build the base.  I started out with teh basic ip, armory, arms lab, and armor 1.  X finally went off to get hera reception, and I gave Jimmeh 2 packs of mines for base.

X builds hera reception and dies.  Jimmeh saves the node and heads to double.

about 2 minutes into the game, the aliens gather up the braincells to rush the hive.  They kill all my marines, but fall to my mines.  I racked up a good 20 res from that run.

Some more marines join in, i order them to cargo handling (where they get horrendeously owned the first two tries).  All my marines were in double.  I gave them the nodes while i tried to keep up with the arms lab upgrades.  After the SECOND time they got owned in double, we finally got double.  This was around 9 minutes into the game.  I had an upgraded armory, w2, a2, two ips, and a base that was mined to HELL.  I tried to make a proto lab, but noticed that i didn't have an obs (i had kinda given up on the game in the middle so i forgot about an obs).  I got that up in a jiffy, got phase tech and locked double down with one elec'd node.  I got heavies because i thought my team couldn't handle jps.

Co :: Phunk, a player that some of you might have seen on LM, joined.  And in good time, too.  He and Jimmeh and X made a decent team.  Fades started popping up at around 10 minutes, i dropped hmgs.  We killed about 4 fades (Co :: Phunk claiming 3 of those) while pushing into archiving.  about 6 marines were in archiving, i thought it was pretty safe to get a phase there.  I dropped a phase and a tfac for elec.  I got the node down and thought i was doing pretty good.  Hell I had every node but those in archiving and vent hive (i sent a rambo to cap the maintenance nodes a little earlier on).  I ordered them in the hive, where they took down the hive in about 2 minutes.  No beeping.  I scanned the other hives.  Datacore, the hive i was expecting to be up we compeltely clean.  I scanned vent and lo and behold.  It was up and running at the prestegous time of 13:30.  I passed out jp shotties, researched catpacks, and sent them over there.  Once they got a pg/tf up;  I elec'd it, threw down a whole wad of catpacks, ammo, and meds, and told them to own it, which they did; promptly.

The reason I won?  Quick upgrading, med spam, and utterly retarded aliens.  They never held more than 2 res nodes at one time.  I took the rest of the nodes, unchallenged. The only one they took down was hera reception, and the only node outside their hive that my team took down was the one outside Archiving.  The rest were unelectrified and undefended.  They chose the hive FARTHEST away from their current one to build, and built it at 12:00.  These weren't bots because bots aren't this dumb, and they owned my marines until i could out tech them.

Sound like a good game?  It was in the end.  The parts I left out was the mass screaming and insulting that it took to get the marines to actually do things.  I'm not comming on ANY server that isn't Lunixmonster. Ever.

General / Lm 1 Year Anniversary!
« on: August 03, 2004, 04:10:31 PM »
Today is Lunixmonster's One Year Anniversary!  Unfortunately LB doesn't have anything special planned.  Lets see a bit more regs on tonight, though, huh?

Media / Its That Time Again!
« on: July 26, 2004, 09:18:21 PM »
Thats right ladies and gentlemen.  Because I have no cool fonts (just photoshop's default loadout), last time Gem had the honor of adding "Lito" to my sig, and now its that time again!  Its time for a new look:

download the psd here and help me out!!!!!!

Off Topic / Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
« on: July 04, 2004, 04:46:49 PM »
Amazingly, it runs on my shabby computer...just wondering if anyone else has it...maybe we could play a couple FFAs...

General / Natural Selection Tweaks
« on: July 01, 2004, 09:28:02 AM »

General / What Resolution Do You Play In?
« on: June 09, 2004, 04:25:22 PM »
What resolution do you play in?

Off Topic / Woo, Upgraded My Broadband
« on: May 27, 2004, 06:37:48 AM »
My connection was upgraded for 'free' a few days ago~.  Well, they claim its free, but then they jack up the price in what seems to be a totally unrelated matter.  and by totally unrelated matter i mean a letter saying 'We're happy to be serving you.  We raised the price of service to $**.**, but these are still competative'  Which really comes out to 'That upgrade wasn't free; We're really just pushing you down further so we can stick our corporate No! Censored! farther up our customers'

Anyways, i went from 100 kb/s down and 12 kb/s up to 300 kb/s down and 100 kb/s up.  I check my pings, and i rarely ever see a three digit ping anymore :D

I also have the luxury of having BT run.  Constantly.  Even when gaming.  Then have my brother BT and game at the same time, and i only get about 70 (around 50 if my brother isn't gaming, and no BTs are on) ping on LM.

Now all i need is a bigger harddrive to fit all this anime...or atleast a dvd burner~

Off Topic / Delphi 6
« on: May 13, 2004, 07:42:28 PM »
If anyone is familiar with Delphi 6 programming language:

I'm having a hard time finding out how to open a help file i made for a game.

Like i've got the whole thing going at the very top of the window, but i simply do not know how to open the help file.

General / Can't Load Fast Enough To Comm
« on: May 09, 2004, 10:11:52 PM »
I want to comm, but i hardly get any experience.  The only times i get to comm are:

1.  The game ends really really quickly and theres time for another game

2.  The comm is one of those "put down two ips and a tf then gets out and asks 'who wants to comm?'"

3.  The comm gets out midgame and quits

By the time i get in the game, the game has already started and is 1 minute in.  I know there is a plug-in (RRQuestion), but other than that, is there any way to speed up load-times, even by a few seconds?  Any input is greatly appreciated.

General / #lunixmonster - A Visual Social Network
« on: April 27, 2004, 08:41:07 PM »
You'll see 'Himeno', my bot, idling in #lunixmonster from now on.  She produces these babies: :o

Its a visual Social network of the irc channel.  This is what it produced after monnitoring the channel for about 3 minutes.

I'll upload a new one and overwrite the old one every so often.  So check THIS post for updated webs for the network

Last updated (look at the bottom of the picture)

General / Big Unannounced System
« on: April 23, 2004, 09:27:17 PM »
i beleive the system is the weapon sounds.

They get progressivly better sounding (from a small thumbtack launcher to an actual weapon) as you get weapon upgrades.

General / Fixed My Mic!
« on: April 17, 2004, 06:57:07 PM »
turned out to a cl_updaterate was set to 15...

Off Topic / Happy Birthday Path~
« on: April 16, 2004, 06:02:27 AM »

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