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September 05, 2007, 07:59:47 AM
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Well, shit. Looks like that time again. What we hope to be another epic post detailing my travels! Before I start I'm going to state a couple things:

1) Less pics of airline food (Relatively, I think) <-- couldn't be assed to pull out the camera everytime. Truth be told this is just plain my fault. That and I didn't want to overdo the airline food pics.

2) MOAR PICTARS! This time I was travelling with 3 other picture takers. The result should be something close to a total of a couple thousand pictures. Naturally, it'll take me more time to go through them all and come up with a silly picture album. I am doing this alone =<

3) I'll refer to other people in this and one of them has decided to also throw in their comments. I'll sort out the relations now.
K = Male cousin (5 years older than I)
M = Female cousin (1 year younger than I)
A = Male roommate of cousins (they all live together)

4) I plan on re-editing my original AiA post for bl0g7. I'll also take a look at my other not-so-well-done adventure posts and see if they're worth finishing or not.

And here comes the content:

Travel Log

August 18
Learned from previous experience to come WELL in advance. Arrived at check-in 3 1/2 hours early. There was no line-up. 2 of the attendants competed to get my attention and to get me to go them for the process. Pimpin' pretty early. Except they were old (and not so pretty). As expected, I got pulled from the security screening line again. They did "the wand" sweep again. Also did a full-body pat-down. The guy spent a lot of time on my pants/legs. O.O

August 19
Arrived in San Francisco. Found out our flight to Hong Kong got delayed by 16 hours because they were getting nubbed by a typhoon. Other flights to HK, even one leaving at the same time as ours are still fine (and continued as normal). We have 7 bags checked in but only 6 claim tags, oh noes! Also found out that my aunt fainted on the flight to SF. Also found out that a bunch of people decided to lose their lunches all over one of the bathrooms on the flight, so the attendants had to close it.

M - Lawls at my mom fainting and the $120.00 Chinese fast food dinner. Football games go to 12:00AM?

Note: We received 6 food voucher tickets from the airline (Singapore Air) valued at $20 each. We spent it all at one chinese place in the airport. Pic will be shown later of the bill

Aug 20
Aug 20 disappeared. We don't know what happened to it. I suspect it has to do with asian hax and turtles. Turtles wearing mittens.

Note: Actually, I think we took a look around SF until our flight. I remember us getting 6 more food vouchers from Sing. Air, this time valued at $30 each. A, K, M and I took our 4 vouchers and spent $60 on  lunch and $30 on booze. K, M, and I then spent $30 on espresso and biscotti.

I think we arrived in Hong Kong the same day because of time-zone shens. I can't tell anymore.

Aug 21
Went to Victoria Peak. Saw some pretty awesome signs. Clouds blocked the view, but cleared later (wewt!) Also went to the harbour and the supar expensive fashion district. I wish I had more moneyz =< Seafood for dinner (with cousins' cousin's family). The prawn were like 8 inches long :O Really expensive dinner. Went back to the harbour at night for some long exposure shots.

M - What time is it? It's time to party! Baby! Remember when posing for pictures to spread your arms wide and make bird noises.

Note: We saw a watch in the fashion district that actually said: "It's time to party" on it. At Victoria Peak we saw random fobs (well, I guess they're technically not fobs...) there who posed like that. I can understand against a landscape background it's to help you look like you're flying or something... but we saw a kid doing this against a fountain and another infront of a shop. What the shit?

Aug 22
Woke up to rain. Benedryl helped me sleep. We headed off to an island to see the world's largest bronze sitting Buddha. I touched a cloud (pics later). Waited for bus, ferry, octopus train, plane <-- yeah, each one was late/delayed =( Arrived in Singapore later and went to sleep. Oh, we also saw a retarded bus. A kid stared at us the entire time and smiled. I think he likes me. <3

Aug 23
I like to hold my pen. Headed off to Thailand today. Yay! STDs! DO NOT WANT! Went on a river cruise with a karaoke star (Name is Saipan, she was invited to come with us by a friend who joined us in Thailand). K got to sing with her and prove his own supar singer skills (alliteration go!). We also got caught in the rain. Like, tropical monsoon rain. *frown* Also, I'm fairly certain I saw a hooker. \o/

Aug 24
Drove 3 hours north from Bangkok to reach a resort. Boring as hell there. We played 20 questions for the duration of the drive. Best question EVAR: "Does it kill zombies?"

Upon arrival we (A, M and I) decided to go biking as they had a bike trail. In 25 minutes we managed to finish the entire trail. Twice. A and M went over a rickety bridge with really nasty ass water underneath. Maybe swimming would be more entertaining. Ending up spending 3 hours in there. Standing in the pool. The chlorine got rid of the dead skin on my ankles. So smooth. We played some crazy Asian blackjack with our hosts. I ended up winning 400 Baht (1 CAD = 31 Thailand Baht)

M - That bridge was shady it had a "support" beam that didn't reach either side of the stream but fell short. Surprisingly though, it held my weight, although it broke my bike.

Aug 25
Leeches. Leeches EVERYWHERE. We went to a national park, saw a marked trail for a waterfall. WORST IDEA EVER. Shitty trail. Leeches apparently fly, we stayed on the goddamn DRY trail and they still got to us. The waterfall was like 2 feet high. Happiness VERY LOW. Hygiene VERY LOW. I feel very insecure =<

M - Luckily I brushed them off as they were on my legs, thinking they were tiny worms. Highlight: Zairo seeing a fat one, then screaming, then running and kicking his shoes off.

New Information: These leeches don't fly, they live in the grass. Equally "WTF mate" o.O Also, there were no recordings of the above happening (thank GOD). The leech was on my sock. In my shoe. >_<

Note: Other leeches may still fly.

We also went to another waterfall with supar steep stairs. At least there were no leeches. Went to a bar in Korat (unofficial name of the town) for dinner. Saw transvestites and pretty ladies (I think they were ladies). Two of them hit on me (one was a chick, the other a trans). Went to a club afterwards. More pretty ladies. They seem to love live bands here.

M - Apparently Johnny Walker is REALLY popular here. The young'uns all got a little tipsy and danced and attempted to play pool.

Note: The bar had an entire wall of nothing but Johnny Walker on it. K danced with Saipan. M and I played pool and somehow got down to 2 balls each. Her dad took over for her and I think A took over for me. Her dad sunk my ball \o/ Also, creepy old guys gave me a back massage in the bathroom while I was peeing. Good god that was awkward.

Aug 26
No hangover! Dehydrated for the entire day though (sore calves + dizzyness) =< Went to some ancient city in the middle of a modern city. Did other touristy things (i.e. went to see the statue of the Hero of the city and went to the local market). M + A did some drinking, again. No booze for me =< Booze tommorow, maybe, probably =>

M - Yeah, yeah, I'm a lightweight with beer. 2 and I'm tipsy. Playing cards like that was horrible, rap... wrap... pita?

Note: We were playing a card game called "rap"

Aug 27
Back to Bangkok... Bang "cock"... STDs! Yay! (do not want) Did some classic word play (cunning linguist, anyone? ^_^) Went to see a water dam. Of interest was seeing Buddha's handprint and footprint at a temple (all 108 signs are present on the footprint). Pics explaining each later. Also went to a tailor to get measured for a sexy suit. Drank in the apartment.

M - Man it was hot that day. Keekle at everyone taking the golf cart around the corner to the van while we walked (10 metres away). Keekles at A making a fool of himself by attempting to reach through the glass (he wanted to see a watch and didn't realize there was glass in the way). Keekle at my being an odd drunk and randomly saying "There's a hat store around the corner"

Aug 28
Visited various places of interest: Grand Palace, Temple with giant Buddha, Temple of Dawn (contains one of Buddha's relics). A traditional Thai massage followed. That shit hurts. If you're ever going to get one while you're in Thailand here's a tip: "bao-bao" means softer. "Jip" means pain. When in doubt, cry and scream like a little girl. I <3 alcohol (more drinking that night, we found a $3 CAD bottle of vodka early on... an $8 CAD bottle of whiskey... yeah, booze is cheap in Thailand).

Aug 29
Arrived in Singapore. Have a couple hours to kill before we fly off into Malaysia. I <3 Airport shopping.
Arrived in Malaysia. We're staying at the 5 star Concorde hotel. And we're in the Premier suites (awesomity). Went to dinner with great aunt + some extended family. Clubbing afterwards kinda sucked, but there were many pretty girls. Also, lots of hookers, though I suppose the higher-class ones are called escorts.

Aug 30
Shopping day. Shopping is also quite rocking. Dinner with loads of family. Family I didn't even know I had. Lawlz asian familes.
P.S. Booze isn't cheap in Malaysia =(

Aug 31
Arrived in Singapore. Went to the Night Zoo. We also celebrated Malaysia's Golden Jubilee (50 years of independence). I am NOT impressed with the fireworks (none).

Sept 1
Went to Chinatown (in Singapore). Saw a Hindu temple. A, K and I did a taxi-cab race with M and her parents to COMEX (Tech convention in Singapore. There were a few booth babes. Prettyness. We ate dinner at the "No signboard" Seafood restaurant. In Chinese the name actually translates to "Nameless". The reason for this is because when it first opened, it was the only restaurant without a signboard, so when people wanted to go eat there they said: "Meet me at No Signboard restaurant". It's located in the red light district Geylang. I also came up with an idea for an adult marital aid. It's a spring.

M - The night zoo was alright. Lack of black bear on unicycle was a major disappointment. The Hindu temple had really hot floors (you had to go in without shoes) and I didn't buy anything in Chinatown to prevent looking like a flight attendant (I found some outfits that look like what the females wear on Sing Air) I went to see the merlion... and... yeah... that was good, I guess. =/

K - Hi Mom! I was here =)[/b]

Older cousin took me to Wala-Wala (I think that's what it was called, it's a pub) in Holland Village. Cousin then took me to Clarke Quay (location of Ministry of Sound) and we walked to Central Mall (on Magazine Road 6, I think). He brought me to a Thai-themed clube with free admission and pretty girls. Club name = Live Impact. I am a tank compared to him (alcoholic tolerance).


I'll type the rest out later.
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