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August 18, 2005, 04:50:17 PM
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Well, this is a bit late but:

We now have a sourceforts server!

All reserved slots have been carried over, if you don't have one PM me.  Admins who want access PM me too, because I don't feel like converting the access over for people who won't use it :)

The sourceforts client is avaiable at:

Most of the maps on the server are in this zip:

If the server is down, find someone on IRC :)

(edit) Fewl setup @sfdied to alert him, other admins who can reset it may follow in his footsteps! Abuse and get banned at the admins discretion.

(also edit) If you highlight lolfighter and he's paying attention, he'll gladly reset the server for you. If you highlight lolfighter and he doesn't respond, it's because he's absent from the computer or playing a game (his highlight is silent). Unless he doesn't like you, in which case it's because he doesn't like you.
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