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November 08, 2004, 01:56:58 PM
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I am using the ns_remix wad which has been roundly criticized by the nsmapping community. While I generally ignore most of their input, this time it may in fact be valid.  So I have genitivally decided to remix the remix. I have gotten the author’s permission and am planning on edit the textures.

My problem is that I am utterly incompetent at making a good looking texture. The ones I have played with have come out looking like cartoons, which is not bad, but not really the object.

My object is to rework the ns_remix wad particularly the gray texture set. This would consist of adding details which would not interfere with the whole but merely ad to them.
I was hoping for some sort of help on how to make this and have it look good.

i only ask becasue all the tutorials i can find are like "download wally. now paste your hot new texture in. go man! go!" or "so you are a studio art major? first take a picture of your 14 square foot oil painting paste into wally and go man! go!"

i hope its clear what im trying to getat.. it might not be. i dont know.

November 28, 2004, 11:10:05 AM
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Try going to NSWorld and finding someone who offered texture help in their profile. I know I'd like to know if it's all empty gestures or not.
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