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General / How To Skulk Better!
« on: November 04, 2004, 01:44:01 PM »
One very important aspect to add to skulking which I would place as #1:

Parasite, use it often and constantly, it really helps you and the team if you get into a habit of parasiting the marines you see. Sometimes I'd say if you died parasiting a couple of marines, that's worth more than killing one of them. It's so much easier to get the jump and ambush marines if they're sited. Plus when they're sited, they can't ninja your hive and you have knowledge of where they are rushing or working towards.

Edit: Another thing to add to parasiting. It can save you from needing an extra bite. Fresh Armor 2 requires 4 bites for a marine to die. However, if you parasite the marine once, just once, it changes to 3 bites. So 4 bites or 3 bites + 1 parasite at range, take your pick.

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