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Off Topic / its a pastry Birthday!
« on: June 16, 2005, 04:35:08 AM »
omg! happy birthday you pastrymaster you!
magic ~s for everyone :D

General / Recent Reserved Slot removals
« on: May 07, 2005, 10:11:02 AM »
Two people have recently been stripped of their Reserved slots.
This was an action done not by one admin, but by ALL of us. We held debate for one week, and at that time, a decision was made to remove the slots of two members.
They have many offenses against them, and refuse to heed our warnings to shape up. We dont want people who will constantly ignore our rules and insult our warnings. So their slot was removed for those reasons. Not any personal grudge, not any vendettas, but all of the admins saying "enoughs enough"

Off Topic / Not Picture Posts
« on: January 22, 2005, 10:40:33 AM »
actually, contrary to popular belief, that is NOT me.
its a friend of mine. His name is Aron.
but since the only way your gonna believe me is that now I have to find a picture of myself and put it up.
slight problem in this however, every single picture of me looks like pure ass.
I have a slight photogenic problem with my left eyelid in that in tends to droop in all pictures making it look like I just took the worlds biggest hit off the worlds biggest bong.
thats the main reason you wont see a picture of me, but I shall try my best to find one.
just gimmie some time.

General / who DOSNT it work for?
« on: November 30, 2004, 11:04:38 PM »
it dosnt work for me!

Off Topic / interview with a radical
« on: November 30, 2004, 12:00:16 AM »
heres the log, minus the swearing.

[22:50] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> i remember someone banned me last year because i said irc was a right and not a privilidge, **** you stuck up white ******
[22:51] <Vinnie-WoW> umm
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> Your message has been Logged and will be viewed Shortly :: Idle time: 10secs
[22:51] <Vinnie-WoW> thats nice
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> Your Query has been Accepted.
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> yea, suck my ****
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS>
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS>
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS>
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS>
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS>
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS>
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS>
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS>
[22:51] <Vinnie-WoW> dont get flooded again
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS>
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS>
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS>
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> yea, suck my dick
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> yea, suck my dick
[22:51] <Vinnie-WoW> acutally, I do tend to agree with you
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> yea, suck my dick
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS>
[22:51] <Vinnie-WoW> white people DO suck
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS>
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS>
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS>
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> Your message has been Logged and will be viewed Shortly :: Idle time: 1sec
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> Your Query has been Accepted.
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> shut your titties
[22:51] <Vinnie-WoW> but I assure you, your prolly gonna need better reasons
[22:51] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> no
[22:52] <Vinnie-WoW> well
[22:52] <Vinnie-WoW> what are your reasons?
[22:52] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> :D white people
[22:52] <Vinnie-WoW> ok, thats nice
[22:52] <Vinnie-WoW> but care to say why?
[22:53] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> cause white people be knocking down other bitches
[22:53] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> yea corporate america my friend
[22:53] <Vinnie-WoW> ok, this I agree with
[22:53] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> cause white people be knocking down other bitches
[22:53] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> yea corporate america my friend
[22:53] <Vinnie-WoW> ok, this I agree with
[22:53] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> im just an asshole ont he internet ;)
[22:53] <Vinnie-WoW> true
[22:53] <Vinnie-WoW> why not try to do somehting with your skills of media?
[22:53] <Vinnie-WoW> instead of coming in here
[22:53] <Vinnie-WoW> you could use your knowledge for real good
[22:54] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> i already do, i produce music that no one will listen to until i die
[22:54] <Vinnie-WoW> well
[22:54] <Vinnie-WoW> why do you think no one listens to it?
[22:54] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> its not that, i dont want anyone to hear it
[22:54] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> ;) Its a secret
[22:55] <Vinnie-WoW> pfft
[22:55] <Vinnie-WoW> what good is keeping things like that from ears who would listen?
[22:55] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> to blow the world away
[22:55] <Vinnie-WoW> I doubt your gonna be able to do that
[22:56] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> my record collection begs to differ
[22:56] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> i am going to press all my music to vinyl and hide it
[22:56] <Vinnie-WoW> ok
[22:56] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> :D
[22:56] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> i am a fat ass
[22:56] <[mBp]SKRILLPNS> [mBp]SKRILLPNS has Terminated the conversation and will be ignoring all pms from you for 5 minutes.

General / Skins/models!
« on: May 08, 2004, 06:21:00 PM »
ok, I am very tempted to play CS, but on one condition...... someone must find me a Red Alert skin/model of the commie conscript. Surely one of you guys knows of something like this?

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